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Definitely enjoying our new Octoberfest beer mugs from Brazzo! happy birthday again to my bestfriend @abril_ng ! You have been my friend since I came here in MY and most of the time it’s all about you supporting me. So tonight, it’s all about you! Wishing you all the luck and blessings in career health and heart! :)

And there we were staring at the lightless corners of a seemingly abandoned restaurant.. thinking, has it closed down years ago? This french restaurant is quite famous among the countless fine dining spots in the entire area, what could’ve gone wrong? I checked the website again and little did I know that in a matter of seconds, I will be spotting a thing that almost killed the night : CLOSED ON SUNDAY AND MONDAY NIGHTS. So there I was again, staring again at that abyss of a consciousness, where stupidity has been floating freely on that cold, french night.

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